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For areas where slip-resistance is of the utmost importance, both domestic and commercially, Safety Flooring is what you need. It is a vinyl-type floor with slip-resistant grains through the wear layer of the safety flooring, making for a durable surface that maintains its slip-resistance for the whole of its life. 121 Flooring appreciates the need for practicality on a budget, and so all of our Safety Flooring is assessed by us to ensure that you only receive a good quality product, but for a reasonable price. We also ensure that it is fitted and installed precisely, so that you can simply forget about it once it’s been laid and enjoy the comfort of knowing that wherever you have had the flooring put is slip-resistant and safe.

The benefits of having a Safety Floor is that it is slip-resistant, even when wet, and that this will last throughout the lifetime of the floor. As it is grout free, it is an impervious surface that won’t allow water and other such materials to seep underneath and damage the product of the floor beneath it. It is a flexible product that can be installed to any shape or sized room, and is comfortable and quiet underfoot, contributing to reduced ambient noise levels. It is also an exceptionally hygienic product, making it a fantastic choice for areas such as kitchens.

With a variety of colours and designs to choose from, Safety Flooring need not be simply a practical addition to your home. 121 Flooring believes that practicality need not compromise on quality or style, and we will work with you to make sure that the design you pick suits your tastes and your decor. A fantastic product with a large scope for design and style, Safety Flooring is a functional investment that will last, giving you years of satisfaction with your purchase.

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